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MERCK, IT’S TRUTH-TELLING TIME.. No, no, no Merck (NYSE: MRK). You are… | by Joyce Kamen | Medium

No, no, no Merck (NYSE: MRK). You are not going to do this. You are not going to make all of humanity wait for your brand spanking new anti-viral drug (Molnupiravir) that you have touted as the… — Read on … Continue reading

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Corona Update 2020-03-13

Unfortunately, the good folks at JohnHopkins, from where I normally pull the Corona daily data, seem now to have some inconsistencies in their datasets; for instance, neither Italy, Spain nor Finland, according to those datasets, showed any new cases between … Continue reading

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Predicting the outcome of World Championships in Ice Hockey using Bayesian Inference

Just for fun, I thought I’d implement a Bayesian “statistical inference engine” for some sports tournament. For whatever reason, I came to choose ice hockey world championships, training my inference engine on data from the 2016 tournament, and testing its … Continue reading

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