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Age standardized mortality rates Nordics 2014-2021

Another voice of reason that, like my self, has gone very quiet lately… probably for the same reason as I : the “Scamdemic” was over already Feb. 2021, and frankly, it has become boring to follow the continued attempts of … Continue reading

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Nordic Countries : mortality & excess deaths 2015 – 2020

On popular demand (hi Brad! 🙂 a follow-up on this post, where I compared Finland vs. Sweden. This post will look at mortality and excess deaths for four of the five Nordic countries (reason to exclude Iceland is mainly that … Continue reading

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Mortality 2020 Nordic Countries

Comparing Covid deaths in different countries is very popular, and in particular, comparing Sweden to its neighbors is extremely popular among the “Lockdown-Hawks”. Personally, I’m fully convinced that a country (any society) is an instance of Complex Systems (google it!) … Continue reading

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Nordic Countries – mortality comparison

One of the most prevailing comments in (social) media regarding Sweden & COVID is “…but look at their neighbors, Sweden has 10x the deaths of it’s neighbors…! Swedes are about to go extinct….!!!!” Yes, if what we measure is COVID-registered … Continue reading

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Mortality Nordic Countries 2020

A quick comparison of mortality by means of weekly death rates, for the five nordic countries:

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Finally ! A scientific paper on Covid that takes more factors than Gvmt Response/Lockdown into account…

Just learned about this scientific study on the plausible causes for the high death toll in Sweden, “16 Possible Factors for Sweden’s High COVID Death Rate among the Nordics“, by Klein/Book/Björnskov. An absolute MUST-READ for anyone who cares about the … Continue reading

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