Humanity is heading for a radical change within the next 2-3 generations – your grandchildren will feel the heat!

An astro-physics professor explains using mathematics why our world will look very very different in less than 100 years, that is, your children and grandchildren will be forced to pay the price of our indulgence during the past 200-300 years.

We are now living at peak energy, peak materials,peak pollution/emissions, peak financial insanity, and peak growth, and now about to hit firm planetary boundaries, and we as the totally dominating species on the planet have absolutely no plan what so ever to change our ways nor avoid what’s coming.

And what’s coming will be very unpleasant for most of us…

It’s simply a matter of mathematics, physics (thermodynamics not least) and closed systems (a finite planet).

Professor Murphy’s blog “Do the Math” can be found here.

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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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