Perspective on the “Swedish Covid Disaster”, part VIII

With April 2022 pretty much now counted for, below some insights on the truth of the “Swedish Covid Disaster”, for those that care more about the truth vs. the Propaganda presented by media, authorities and politicians.

I’m not going to provide any textual explanations of the charts below. Reason being 1) I’ve explained each graph in detail in earlier posts, so those that do want an explanation, can find it in previous posts 2) those of you interested enough in finding out the real truth – asop to the propaganda – will immediately understand what the graphs show anyway, without any explanations, while those of you who just want to confirm your preexisting biases about “The Swedish Disaster” wouldn’t understand anyway regardless of how much text I put between the graphs.

About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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2 Responses to Perspective on the “Swedish Covid Disaster”, part VIII

  1. Brad Forwell says:

    These are fantastic! I especially like the fourth and last graphs.

    Your intro narrative is absolutely justified at this point, Tommy. I suspect those that have followed your work thus far will need no explanation and those that haven’t will benefit from doing the background work of looking at older posts.

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