Ukraine – Russia Conflict explained by Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin is one of the very few honest and interesting sources I’m aware of. Watch and you might learn something.

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3 Responses to Ukraine – Russia Conflict explained by Konstantin Kisin

  1. Kermit Johnson says:

    A couple of questions that I have.
    First – My feeling is that there is more here than what was discussed in this interview. Over the past several years, I have watched as the west has apparently come to the brink of a financial cliff. The system of debt, while lasting longer than many have thought it could, appears now to be imploding – especially first in Europe. Have you thought about this in conjunction with what we are seeing?
    Second – have you thought about the neocons and their never-ending desire to destroy Putin and Russia? A quick look at one of these can be had, IMHO, by watching Jordan Peterson’s interview of Frederick Kagan, where Peterson slowly draws out the man into what appears to me to be an almost giddy explanation of what they have in store for Putin now that they got him to invade Ukraine.
    Third – I am old enough to remember well the Cuban missile crisis. Can you tell me just how this is different than what happened then – other than Khrushchev accepting a deal with Kennedy to avoid war? We need to remember the two of them stepping back from the brink of war by considering how things looked from the other side – and then making concessions to avoid war. The question should also be considered in light of the advance in weaponry due to hypersonic missile technology, where very soon Moscow would be only a few minutes from a surprise attack – an offensive attack as opposed to defensive weapons.
    I need to say, however, that I am enjoying the interview. Thank you.

  2. Kermit Johnson says:

    Watching further – I think both of you misunderstand the difference between the Left and Donald Trump. Also that Donald Trump was basically an independent party candidate. Both the Left and the establishment Right hated Donald Trump – and wanted him gone from Washington. But – Donald Trump was a deal maker. Contrary to all expectations, he even had the support of Amlo in Mexico, who Trump made an offer of a deal that Amlo could not refuse. Mexico was enforcing our border policies once the two presidents understood each other. And while Trump was a deal maker – where he knew that a good deal had to be looked at as a good deal by both parties – the Left historically was a movement where they simply demanded the right to make the rules and have everyone simply obey them. There is no compromise with the Left. Trump would never have sent Mike Pence to Ukraine just as things were getting to the boiling point to say publicly that, of course, Ukraine is welcome in NATO. Trump, if he had one obvious fault, trusted too many people – but he realized his mistake and fired John Bolton. Trump tried to exercise his right to make decisions about Ukraine – and was impeached for it. Think about Vindman. Trump was attempting to get control of his State Department, but the Deep State did not wish to give it up.

    • I share your views on most of the points you bring up, e.g. the Cuban crisis, which IMO is a direct parallel to today’s situation with NATO expanding into eastern Europe. I believe there is something called the Monroe-doctrine… And the looming debt crisis is very real.

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