Swedish TestDemic – Almost every second Covid-test now positive

In Sweden, we are testing like never before, 600000 (!) tests the week ending Jan 23. To a cost of 1100 SEK per test, that is, last week’s testing cost some 660 MSEK….! So for the three first weeks of 2022, we , the taxpayers, have spent some 1.6 Billion SEK… Not bad…! To put this in context : Thus far in the pandemic, we’ve spent a sum corresponding to 1/3 of the Defense budget on Covid tests…. !

For more info on the costs of Covid-testing, in relation to various other things we might have put that money into, see this post (google translate does a decent job for the non-Swedish speakers).

Anyhow, I noticed something quite interesting : until a month ago, the proportion positive tests was about 5%, that is, 5 out of 100 tests were positive. From late December, that proportion started to increase, and is now 42%. Read that again : FORTY-TWO % !

Despite more than 80% of the population now being fully vaccinated Covid is now burning thru Swedish population like a wildfire….!

Does anyone out there still believe in #ZeroCovid, or #FollowTheScience, or #VaccineEfficiency, #Lockdowns, #SocialDistancing or #Booster number n …?

It’s simply a severe case of Human Hübris to believe that we can control a respiratory virus. Evolution is a bitch, and the virus will do what the virus will do, regardless of what our politicians and authorities believe.

Despite the Covid wildfire, there’s no real increase in Covid-ICU’s nor Covid-deaths. Also all cause mortality is very low (and 2021 was second lowest mortality ever).

Judging from my own social contacts, it seems that Covid now is like a very light cold – a day or max two of sneezing, light headache and maybe light fever. Quite a few do not have any symptoms. Before 2020, anyone staying at home with those light symptoms would have been fired….

So, we don’t have a Pandemic anymore. Maybe not even an epidemic. Instead, we have a Testdemic, and a severe pandemic of Long Psychosis, to a humongous cost.

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8 Responses to Swedish TestDemic – Almost every second Covid-test now positive

  1. kletkeman says:

    The latest 7 day average for worldwide daily deaths due to covid is the highest ever. So although omicron is a light weight compared with delta, it is still killing more people. So ignoring its transmissibility because most people don’t die seems risky to me.

  2. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    I would be curious to know which test is being used and which companies are profiting? For example, is the money at least benefiting Swedish companies and workers, or is all this tax money sent out of the country?

    I also agree the ubiquity of covid now renders the testing useless and wasteful. However, if the past two years haven’t proven that the West can’t meaningfully control the trajectory of a viral pandemic, then we probably never will learn that lesson. For example, I think back to your posts (Tommy) illustrating Swedish mortality over the past 150 years. You’ll probably agree with me when I say that most westerners have little or no historic and etiological context of their own mortality. It is my opinion that this lack of context continues to contribute to the amplification of fear, reduced public resilience, misdirected resources, and perpetuation of the public’s unrealistic expectations. Anyway, during this pandemic, I have learned one obvious lesson: The citizenry cannot correctly assess any risk if that risk is not meaningfully contextualized. It is no wonder we are still in this mess.

    Great post, and thanks again.

    • Brad, fully agree with your points. The lack of insights in history and historical facts are key contributors to the hysteria, as is the general innumeracy of the general public. And journalists. And members of parliament and government. There was an article already 2020, from either US or UK, where they interviewed members of the general population, asking them their estimate of how many people in the population had died of Covid: the answers were in excess of 10%, which is simply ridiculous, totally ignorant answer, orders of magnitude off. And all the media painting Sweden as a failed state… It makes me sad living in a world were some many people, regardless of education level and profession, are so deeply ignorant of reality and facts, and so unwilling or unable to find the facts. The complexity of our societies, of our world, grows by day, and we desperately need the citizens to do better sensemaking day by day , but disturbingly, it seems that sensemaking in general gets significantly worse day by day. Most humans proxy their sensemaking to other parties, media, politicians, authorities and so on, and that’s not a recipe for a prosperous democracy. I’m deeply concerned over the future ,not for my own sake, but for our children.

  3. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    I agree on all accounts, and I also remember those studies re: public overestimates. What a mess…

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