SWEDEN – Omicron Positives thru the roof, but Swedes refuse to die…

Omicron is running wild, positive cases sky rocketing since end of last year, but neither ICU’s, nor deaths follow…

Omicron Rulez

Daily Covid Events, last 60 days

Weekly Covid Events since start of pandemic

Monthly Covid Deaths

Cases, Tests, Cases per Test

Impact per Case

Covid vs Non-Covid ICU daily bed usage

Extended period of low number of daily ICU’s predicts pandemic waves… ?

IMO a striking pattern:

See anything unusual…?

Let’s look at the diff between actuals and baseline:

See anything unusual…?

Let’s zoom in on the unusual stuff…

See it now….?

Two unique periods of about 90 days of very low ICU occupancy preceeding the waves… Strange.


Yes, I have. So should you.

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4 Responses to SWEDEN – Omicron Positives thru the roof, but Swedes refuse to die…

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Great job, Tommy! It is such a strange thing; your country should be celebrating the mortality year they had in 2021, but instead… crickets. Strange.

    Just as an update, I know you don’t track Euromomo, but you were right: Sweden is back on Euromomo again. To your point, it was probably a data backup due to holidays/shutdowns.

    • Agreed. But there are increasing voices now for removing or at least easing the restrictions – almost everybody now “has covid” according to the tests – , but very few with real symptoms, so more and more people start to realize that there really is no way to avoid it, and that it’s far from the plague…

      wrt Euromomo: yes, I hade to change a few lines of code to deal with the holiday data updating from scb, so I’m pretty sure that when Euromomo noticed that data was missing, they simply temporarily removed Sweden. Makes sense, since they are tracking 20+ countries, while I’m only tracking one…

  2. nhamblen says:

    People in Quebec have also been refusing to die of Omicron… in hospitals 🤔

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