SWEDEN 2021 : Covid & Deaths Summary, Anno Covidus II, Final Report


I can’t fathom that this is my second “Annual Covid Summary” post – today it’s exactly one year ago that I wrote the summary for 2020. At that time, I was pretty certain (based on following THE DATA!) that I would not have to write a report for 2021…

Boy, was I wrong….! The entire world is still, almost 2 years into the Pandemic, not following the data, but continuing to “Follow The Science” (TM), going full #MassFormationPsychosis.…! Not only the click-baiting. fear mongering media, but also our Governments and Authorities continue pushing the false narrative that Covid is the contemporary equivalent to the Spanish Flu, and that the only way to avoid a catastrophy is to vaccinate everybody with 3,4,5,… shots, to put papercloths around your mouth everywhere, and to isolate….

IM!HO the world has gone MAD. Fully and Completely. Period.

As of yesterday, SCB.se’s prel. all cause deaths data can be considered stable enough for drawing valid conclusions about Swedish all cause mortality 2021.

Anyhow, here it is: the numbers and facts regarding all things Covid and Death, Sweden 2021.


First, let’s look at the three types of Covid events that dominate the narrative: “Positive/ICU/Deaths”: below graph shows weekly events since the beginning of the pandemic up until now:

A couple of things worthwhile to notice:

  • Since a couple of weeks back, the number of positive cases has skyrocketed
  • There’s been 3 waves of ICU’s
  • There’s been 2 waves of deaths

Next, since the number of positives is a function of number of tests (“the more you look, the more you’ll find”), let’s next look at cases, tests and cases per test:

So we see above that cases per tests have in the recent weeks gone from about 5% (very low) to about 18% (almost as bad as in Jan-2021), meaning that almost 1 in 5 tests now return positive. Should we be concerned…? It’s totally up to you, but personally, I don’t think so. Why…? Read here.

Next, let’s compare monthly the deaths labelled as “Covid Deaths” that is, those that actually died from Covid, and those who e.g. happened to be run over by a bus within 28 days of a positive test, 2020 vs 2021:

There seems to be a radical difference between 2020 and 2021.

Next, let’s look at the negative events Covid-ICU’s and Covid-Deaths per case, that is, the impact of Covid, from the beginning of the pandemic to today:

Looks like the “cases” result in less and less impact over time.

So let’s have a look at daily ICU beds, split by Covid vs Non-Covid:

Finally, wrt. Covid-events, let’s look at Variants of Concern:

All Cause Mortality & Deaths

First, mortality trends by age group, 2002-2021. Worthwhile to notice: for the 3 oldest age groups, mortality since about 2014 has been basically flat (until 2019, the year with the lowest overall mortality rate ever). Also worthwhile to notice is that the two oldest age groups had their lowest mortality rates ever during 2021. Granny seems safe.

Next, monthly mortality from start of pandemic to now:

We can use the above mortality rates and demografics from SCB, to define an expectation on deaths per age group, and compare that expectation on the observed, actual deaths:

Age groups combined:

And finally, the IM!HO, the best, most accurate way to measure deaths is by seasons, since deaths at our latitudes are highly seasonal:


The world went mad.

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3 Responses to SWEDEN 2021 : Covid & Deaths Summary, Anno Covidus II, Final Report

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    This is an excellent summary of the progression of the pandemic in Sweden, and I am glad that you’ve got it on the record. Of note, your predictions back in September have primarily been validated, and I would say, they seem to have turned out even better than you had expressed at that time.

    Thanks again for continuing to catalogue this publically, Tommy. Great job!

    • thx. yes, I should have made a bet on the outcomes… in fact, I looked at the various bookmakers already maybe a year ago, but no one seemed to offer bets on Covid outcomes… Too bad.

      And yes, the outcomes are perfectly normal, particularly when viewed by season: the excesses of 16/17 + 17/18 were followed by a deficiency 18/19 which cancelled each other, as did 19/20 vs 20/21.

      The interesting thing is that the party leaders of two of the most fanatic lockdown proponents today made statements questioning the increased restrictions… I’m flabbergasted by how politicians are simply blowing in the wind – the don’t seem to have any internal compass what so ever… Instead, the switch opinions based on the prevailing winds… But yet, it’s good news. Even if Omicron is going to blast away for a few weeks, I think the tide is finally turning. I sincerely hope that I don’t have to write yet another annual report 2023…

  2. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    LOL! Here is hoping there is no need for a 2023 report.

    Cheers, Tommy.

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