Lessons learned

I wrote the below snippet end of Nov 2020.

A year later it still holds true, more than ever.

What 2020 taught me:

1) that science is now a religion.
2) how easy it is to throw formerly democratic nations into totalitarianism
3) that fear is the best tool for #2
4) how few people are willing to search for the truth.
5) how few people are willing to stand up for the truth
6) that the vast majority of people are sheep, exhibiting severe herd stupidity.

About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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1 Response to Lessons learned

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Agree on all points. At this rate, you’ll probably be able to post it again in 2022 as well.

    On-and-on we go…

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