Thierry Baudet: Europe’s Hopeful Pessimist — @im_1776

Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government measure!
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I know next to nothing about Dutch politics, but on the subject of the west having a bleak future, as well as on the madness of global Covid response, Baudet is IMO very correct.

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2 Responses to Thierry Baudet: Europe’s Hopeful Pessimist — @im_1776

  1. Hi Tommy, great to see you mention Thierry Baudet. We’ve had brief encounters here on the topic of Corona, but on this one I can help you out a bit. Baudet is party leader of FvD (Forum voor Democratie, which means what you think it does, Dutch isn’t that difficult :)). His party is very anti-establisment, is neither ‘left’ or ‘right’, is in a way pretty intellectual, philosophical, but dares to touch on the way bigger issues than almost all other parties do. The only Dutch political party that exposes the insanity of the COVID response, the fact free propaganda of Climate Scare, the Russia Phobia, the crazy push for world governance, the actual disappearing of true democracy and replacing it with a mixture of undemocratic global NGO’s that work hand in hand with the biggest lobbies and corporates states ever; big Pharma, big Tech, big Green Energy, big Media, big Finance etc.

    I’m involved in the (startup and now scale up) of the independent Dutch news channel BLCKBX. The blckbx anchorman Flavio Pasquino interviewed Thierry Baudet recently and they had an open dialogue on all the relevant and pressing issues at hand. The conversation keeps you interested for the full 70 minutes. And even better: is has English subtitles. Please give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

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