Airborne Transmission “In” *SHOULD* Mean Masks “Out”

It is now acknowledged that the dominant means of COVID-19 transmission is not simply airborne transmission, but specifically airborne transmission of respiratory aerosols exhaled during normal breathing. Embracing this ought to have had a profound impact on the measures we use to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, specifically masks. It has not. Excerpt 2 Source: The reason this is so important, is we KNOW the size distribution of respiratory aeroso
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4 Responses to Airborne Transmission “In” *SHOULD* Mean Masks “Out”

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Interesting articles, and I am curious about your thoughts. The first article seems to endorse mask-wearing indoors, but seems to provide evidence for the limitations of masks.

    My own opinion is that I think PPE style masks (e.g. N95s) should be worn (correctly) by people when interacting with vulnerable populations; however, the efficacy of requiring masks (any kind will do) in all indoor settings seems dubious. I would like to see randomized controlled trials and meaningful/relevant meta-analyses on the results of widespread mask use before seeing them required by law.

    Great post.

    • My take is that IFF it is now established that corona virus is fundamentally aerosol, in the order of <1 micron, AND it’s also established that masks are not effective for particles > 5 micron), that is, people with clear traditional flu like symptoms : sneezing, coughing etc.

      Wearing mask for an aerosol-based virus is nothing but virtue signalling.

  2. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Yeah, can`t help but think the general masks wearing (i.e. especially the stupid cloth ones, or the scarf style which is still acceptable in Ontario-LOL!) serve a different purpose (e.g. psyop.).

    Thanks for posting,


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