“Covid Towers – don’t mention Ze Cheap Drug…!”

Imagine if there well before the pandemic had existed a drug, that just *might* be able to prevent Covid, or treat it, or at least reduce the impact, but furthermore also is safe (as safe as any drug can be), ubiquitous and cheap, with some 40+ years of successful use for treating various diseases, some of them caused by pathogens similar to that of Covid. And that the patent had expired long ago….

Furthermore, imagine that due to the fact that that particular drug is already commonly prescribed for many other diseases, primarily in parts of the developing world, for prophylactic as well as therapeutic purposes, and that recent studies have shown a remarkable coincidence : countries where that drug is in common use, have very much lower Covid death toll vs. countries where that drug is not in common use.

Imagine the world, back in early 2020, having made a decision to at least test that drug on some population, to determine whether the drug could be effective against Covid. Furthermore, imagine if these studies had indeed shown that to be the case.

In that case, the world would already very early on in the pandemic have had access to a globally available, (at least reasonably) effective and safe (as safe as any drug can be) drug for immediate global deployment. That in turn would very likely resulted in the Pandemic being unable to take off at all, or at least unable to accelerate as fiercly as it did, with orders of magnitude less impact on the world, in terms of deaths, illness and economic destruction.

Most of the above did not happen. The only thing that in fact happened, is that such a “general purpose” drug, Ivermectin, does indeed exist, AND that recent studies have observed this remarkable coincidence (?) that countries where the Ivermectin is in heavy use, have a substantially lower death toll than countries where it’s not in use.

Now, to be very clear, I’m not saying that Ivermectin in fact *is* this miracle drug, capable of instantly killing Covid. I simply don’t know. Neither does anyone else, since no tests have been conducted.

What I find very alarming, is that the authorities immediately, without *any* trials or scientific studies, ruled out Ivermectin as a potential treatment for Covid!

In a world governed by science, in a world that not only claims to “follow the science”, but in fact, ruthlessly applies the scientific method and the long established principles of scientific and evidence based thinking, it would have been an obvious path to do a very serious investigation regarding whether Ivermectin could possibly have an impact on Covid mitigation. Or not.

That did not happen. In fact, the authorities, media, and tech platforms have done their utmost to suppress & censor any discussion regarding Ivermectin. Or in fact – *any* alternatives to the Only Acceptable Official Party Line : Vaccine.

Does that suppression and censorship sound familiar…? Well, another area of Covid that also is surrounded by “…don’t mention the possible problem!” is the Lab Leak Hypothesis, which I’ve covered multiple times on this blog (and which in fact is what Bret and Heather start with in the podcast below, the Ivermectin conversation is their second topic of the podcast).

I can’t help wondering what it is with Covid that makes authorities, media, tech platforms and (most of) the scientific community to actively try to kill any discussion regarding alternative hypothesis regarding anything Covid ?

Personally, I find it very hard to stomach the very Totalitarian tendencies that have popped up in almost every country in conjunction with the Pandemic – information is all of sudden suppressed or censored, and the only approved thinking is the thinking that is 100% aligned with with the Approved “Truth”, that is, The Party Line.

I can’t help it, but all this suppression of any conversation/discussion on alternatives to the “Party Line” in terms of anything Covid leads me to immediately think “Qui Bono ? “ and the set of possible answers to that question includes things that I am, after more than 3 decades working within “the Big Multinational Business”, very familiar with : a ruthless pursuit of power and profit, regardless of the consequences for a third party, any third party.

I’ll leave it to each of you to draw your own conclusions. If you think of yourself as “following the science”, then, listen to the conversation below, try to determine whether the reasoning follows basic logic, and try to find out whether the assumptions are plausible. That is, apply the scientific method yourself. Don’t jump to *any* conclusions, as most of the world has done, in mostly anything and everything Covid.

And after that, assess the plausibility for Ivermectin to be at least worth a serious scientific study. It might be the case that it’s not. However, the plausibility that it in fact is, and the fact that the world has actively suppressed any attempts to bring even a discussion of the possibility onto the table, is very worrying. Millions of lives have been lost, and even more lives and livelihoods have been destroyed; perhaps, if the world had not “followed the science”, but in fact, applied the Scientific Method, many of these lives could have been saved.

Before watching the podcast below, you can find a summary of the case of Ivermectin, in this article that I found after having myself watched the podcast.

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4 Responses to “Covid Towers – don’t mention Ze Cheap Drug…!”

  1. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Great intro, Tommy.

    I totally agree with you. First, real evidence-based answers would be nice, and I also agree that I`ve had enough with the whole “follow the science” BS. These days it feels like science is being put forward as a single right answer arrived at by certain experts who should be unquestioningly followed by the rest of us. Science doesn`t require us to follow it and instead requires that we constantly challenge and reconsider its findings. As you rightly point out, science is a method to be engaged with.

    As the late Carl Sagan once wrote, “science is never finished.”

    Thanks again,


  2. Yes, real science is a continuously ongoing conversation. Everything we now take for certain, such as the earth revolving around the sun, was once a very controversial idea, in direct opposition to the current “best practice”, and thus actively suppressed and censored by the authorities of the time… A “science” that suppresses new ideas is not science – instead, it’s pure belief, a.k.a. religion. I’m absolutely flabbergasted and disgusted over our contemporary world having reached a point where our scientists and scientific institutions now act as some fundamentalist religion, where anyone daring to think outside of the Officially Approved Box are denunciated.

  3. Brad and Rachel Forwell says:

    Totally agree.

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