“We live in an ocean of bullshit”

One of the deepest & broadest brilliant intellectual conversations I’m aware of.

Want to understand why our contemporary world is what it is…? Want to understand where our world likely is heading, and why…? Want to understand what could be done to prevent disaster…?

As an example of just one single great distinction made by Daniel: “There’s a difference between TRUTH, THRUTHFULNESS and REPRESENTATION” which describes the same problem for which I’ve used the notion “Technically True but Semantically Misleading“, both addressing an instance of Russell’s Conjugation.

An example of this form of either accidentally or intentionally misleading communication is e.g. recent headlines stating that “Deaths is Sweden highest since Spanish Flu 1918!”, a statement which is both True and Truthful but not Representative of the issue at hand, i.e to determine whether COVID is the contemporary equivalent of the Spanish Flu (which it is not).

If you are willing to listen closely and think hard for 3 hours, then you should watch this.

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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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