Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis – OffGuardian

Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis – OffGuardian
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Fancy a flu shot…? You might want to read this first.

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2 Responses to Synthetic mRNA Covid vaccines: A Risk-Benefit Analysis – OffGuardian

  1. lacreighton says:

    Just FYI: says the Indonesian vitamin D study is bogus. This Spanish One
    which says much the same thing seems to be the real deal, however.

  2. bradley forwell says:

    The “70% of the deaths in the province of Ontario took place in care homes” comment is incorrect. It was improperly reported by a mainstream Canadian new adjacency a few months back. In 2020, approximately 60% of covid related fatalities were in nursing/care homes, and in 2021 that number has been falling (i.e. currently around 58% of total covid related fatalities). Note: The link provided on this item in the article is no longer active.

    Also, I do agree that there is likely a profound reporting problem for covid deaths worldwide, but the CDC graph provided in the article (i.e. “fig.9”) does not explain the US excess deaths that occurred in 2020.

    I found a lot of other problems with the paper as well (i.e. including some of the controversial experts relied on, e.g. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi). I won’t relegate the paper as totally untrue and without merit, but the errors I found make it hard for me to take the possible good points very seriously. Inclusion of comments like, “this vaccine will lead you to your doom,” should always be a red flag when considering how carefully an article was researched/written. However, I will concede that it is obvious to me the author does have a decent grasp of the microbiological concepts he is discussing.

    I love the work of systems perestroika – éminence grise and I visit this website often. It is too bad that this article isn’t up to the standards of information collection and presentation that systems perestroika – éminence grise produces.

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