SWEDEN Top-10 ICU transaction diagnoses, 2015-2019 vs 2020 YTD

Just pulled down minute-by-minute data on Swedish ICU-utilization, 2015-2019 full years vs 2020 YTD.

A couple of observations :

+ “Covid” tops the 2020 list (the sole orange dot top right corner)

+ “Unspecified Respiratory Insufficiency” (ICD-code J34) is typically the topmost diagnosis (after ZA04, “Examination/Observation). During 2020, J34 has dropped from rank 2 to rank 10 on the Top-10 list.

+ “Bacterial Pneumonia has dropped from 5:th to 9:th 2019 -> 2020

+ “Psychological Disorder/Drugs/Alcohol” (FA07) doesn’t even appear on Top-10 list for 2015-2018, but ranks at 4:th place 2020 YTD.

+ Average number of days in ICU for a Covid patient is 10.8, max nr days is 123 (!). For comparison, average number of days in ICU regarless of diagnosis 2015-2019 is 2.6.

Details to be found here.

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2 Responses to SWEDEN Top-10 ICU transaction diagnoses, 2015-2019 vs 2020 YTD

  1. Hi Tom, can one conclude from your data that the Corona ‘hysteria’ in Sweden is could mainly be based on:

    1) relabelling of (amongst others) Unspecified Respiratory Insufficiency and Bacterial Pneumonia to COVID
    2) the extreme long duration of the ICU treatment that was given to COVID patients, where one can ask how much of that extreme duration was (needed) because of the COVID illness or a direct result of the WHO guidelines to intubate and sedate all COVID patients asap?

    Cheers, Stefan
    (@dutchanddonts on Twitter)

    • Hi Stefan, as for 1) I’d say definitely the data definitely support that conclusion. wrt 2) I’m not sure how to interpret it: clearly treatment of covid patients within ICU had very much longer duration than any other type of treatment, but whether that was the correct thing to do or not, I can’t say.

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