Interview with Professor Beda Stadler on the politicization of COVID-19 science

I’ve been long flabbergasted over why the entire world has gone into panic mode due to Corona, when more and more evidence is mounting that the virus is not significantly worse than a severe seasonal flu.

Still, the world at large has taken unprecendented measures to fight the virus, with far reaching very long term destructive consequences, not least for the young generations.

The question Cui Bono has been constantly on my mind the last few months.

Here, finally, Professor Bela Stadler provides a very plausible explanation on why the world has gone mad.

Key points:

  • Science has become politicized – academics of today are totally dependent on government grants, and politicians demand scientific results to comply with the present political dogma
  • Media have a huge role in spinning panic – not only because it pays well (click-baiting) but also because most media/publishing houses have done away with all staff with scientific background
  • In modern society, the price you pay, if your opinion differs from mainstream, will be potentially very high – “cancellation”/loss of job etc. You’re better off conforming, no matter what you really believe is true.

Here’s a transcript with Professor Stadler

Finally a posting on Corona-Madness from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

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