Gender is not a social construct, but a biological reality, clearly demonstrated in sports

Just a quick demo to debunk the contemporary notion that “Gender is a social construct”.

Data taken from today’s Tour the Ski sprint qualification times, for the top 30 women vs men, where both men & women used the same track and same distance.

Turns out that there is a consistent time difference about 15% between men and women, and that even the best woman skier is far from the worst male skier in performance, the difference between the best woman and the worst man is about 8% in time.


And if we include all qualification participants, 68 women and 80 men, the graphs look as follows:


And finally, a Bayesian Linear Regression demonstrating the variability, using a 89% credible interval,  within the two datasets, where it can be visually observed that the variability in the female group is much larger than in the male group:


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