No room for Leadership in large organizations


Do you have a “leadership team” in your organization ?

Chances are, if you work in a large organization, that there are many teams referring to themselves as “leadership teams”, and many individuals within these teams that see themselves as “leaders”.

Frankly, in my experince, the vast majority of these “leaders” and “leadership teams” have nothing whatsoever to do with Leadership – instead, what’s performed by these individuals and teams is a combination of management, control, administration and policing of predefined processes. .

“Leadership” to me implies things like inspiring, coaching, motivating, supporting, educating as well as running in front of the team, not only setting the pace and direction, but actively participating and contributing to the outcome of the team.

For Leadership to be meaningful, the organization can not be placed under and run by a rigorous set of detailed processes, which only leaves room for execution; in such organizations, what’s there left for the leader to ‘lead’…? for someone to act like a Leader, there need to be latitude to maneouver outside of a rigid process and governance structure, there must exist possibility and authority for the leader to take decisions of her own, not just following and monitoring execution of predefined processes.

Leadership demands competent and experienced human professionals.  Many of today’s large organizations have killed all possibilities for leadership to exist  at all in the organization, by creating a governance  and process structure so rigid and detailed that it leaves absolutely no room for any actions outside of the structure. Such an organization could equally well be populated by – as well as ‘led’ by – human automatons, i.e. robots, that will flawlessly execute the processes they have been programmed to perform, without any need for Leadership.


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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