Sochi 2014 – population growth rates in medal winning countries


For the fun of it, continuing adding more or less irrelevant national data to my Sochi database:

The above graph shows population growth rates in each of the countries that thus far have scored Olympic medals in Sochi.  Why…? simply because I had nothing better to do tonight…

A few interesting insights though from the data:

  • population growth is negative in all former SovBloc countries, + Japan and Germany (!)
  • Australia, US, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and France have a high level of population growth, most likely due to immigration
  • Kazakzstan is at the top of population growth. It’s also the only country in the list dominated (70%) by a muslim population.
  • The rest of the countries have small to moderate population growth.

Another, perhaps interesting metric is to relate population growth rate over GDP per capita:


It’s pretty clear that Kazakzstan and China stick out in this metric with high population growth per each dollar produced, while Ukraina is extreme in the other direction, with declining population growth combined with very low GDP/C.


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