Facial detection using OpenCV & Python on Windows7-Cygwin64


Finally! As described in my previous post, I had some struggle getting OpenCV to run at all under my Windows7 / Cygwin64 installation, but eventually I managed getting it working for C++.

However, Python still refused to cooperate with OpenCV, because it couldnt find the cv2 module, despite the fact that I had placed the cv2.pyd file under my Python site-packages library.

This morning I got a hint from Yaakov what the problem might be, basically that the cv.pyd (which fundamentally is a dll) coming with the OpenCV distribution is for Windows Python, not Cygwin Python. That made me look into the OpenCV build I had built from sources… and imagine, there was a file cv2.dll….! Hmm, what happens if I copy that file to my Python site-packages dir…?

All of sudden Python works beautifully with OpenCV!

To test my installation, I used the Python code from Fideloper’s site


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