Python image processing – object recognition

When looking for a function enabling me to do normalized cross correlation of images, for purposes of object recognition, I stumbled upon an extension to the SciPy library: SciKit-image.

After a few minutes of browsing that site I was able to find what I was looking for, the ‘match_template’ function, that performs normalized cross correlation.

The object (image) I wanted to recognize in a set of other objects (images) is below:

(Btw, even though all the pics below might look like coming from FBI’s list for ‘Most Wanted Grumpy Old Men) all these gentlemen are in fact pillars of their societies, highly trained professionals, and friends of mine…! 🙂

So, here’s the ‘target’, i.e the object we are searching for:


And here’s the group of images within which to search:


Below the results of the search. The program is able to identify the correct image.


The heatmap below shows where within the search domain the best match is found, illustrated by the red circle around the best match area.


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