image processing – convolution explained.


(image from

The Python code below demonstrates convolution.  First, using Scipy’s convolve() function, then by two – far from optimal, far from high performance!  – ‘invented-here’ implementations of convolve(), that I hacked in order to understand what Scipy’s convolve() actually does.

The perhaps most interesting function to study is new_convolve(), which demonstrates the convention used by the convolve algorithm for the summation and multiplication of the cells.


The image to the left  illustates, using color,  which cells from the matrix are multiplied with which cells from the kernel. In this case, the objective is to calculate the new value for the highlighted cell of the matrix.







import numpy as np
import scipy.ndimage.filters as filter

def neighbors(r,c,supermatrix): 
    m = supermatrix[r:r+3,c:c+3] 
    return m

def convolve(n,k):
    sum = 0
    for (rr,cc),value in np.ndenumerate(n):
        sum += value * k[rr,cc]
    return sum

def new_convolve(n,k):
    sum = n[0,0] * k[2,2] + \
          n[1,0] * k[1,2] + \
          n[2,0] * k[0,2] + \
          n[0,1] * k[2,1] + \
          n[1,1] * k[1,1] + \
          n[2,1] * k[0,1] + \
          n[0,2] * k[2,0] + \
          n[1,2] * k[1,0] + \
          n[2,2] * k[0,0]

    return sum

matrix = np.array([[1,2,3],

kernel = np.array([[0,0,0],

print 'matrix'
print matrix

print 'kernel'
print kernel

print 'result'
print  filter.convolve(matrix,kernel,mode='constant', cval=0)

# poor mans convolve, two versions
shape = matrix.shape

# create a 'supermatrix' sm, surrounding the real matrix
# with the borders set to zeros
# insert the real matrix into the center of supermatrix

newshape =(shape[0] + 2,shape[1] + 2) 
sm = np.zeros(newshape,
sm[1:-1,1:-1] = matrix

result_own = np.zeros(shape,
result_own_unflipped = np.zeros(shape,

flipped_kernel = np.flipud(np.fliplr(kernel))

for (r,c),value in np.ndenumerate(matrix):
    n = neighbors(r,c,sm)
    result_own[r,c] = convolve(n,flipped_kernel)
    result_own_unflipped[r,c] = new_convolve(n,kernel)

print 'poor mans convolve'
print result_own

print 'unflipped poor mans convolve'
print result_own_unflipped

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