Do we really need managers in our businesses ?

My boss, a person I respect very much,  retired last summer. Good for him.

Over the past 8 or so months, for various reasons,  there’s not been a replacement assuming my former boss’es responsibilities.

However, the business and the daily operations proceed fully undisturbed, even without a boss. For sure, there’s some corporate red tape and processes that might  have been left undone without a boss whipping the employees, but more importantly, the overall business runs as smoothly as ever, without any boss running around with a whip.

Thus the question: what value do all the different levels of managers  contribute to the organization ? Aren’t they more of a source of cost than providers of value ?

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call them ‘administrators’ and ‘corporate compliance police’ than managers ?

In our modern global economy, there is only one real ‘boss’: the customer.  If the customer is pleased with you, you are going to do fine, regardless of what the various ‘corporate administrators’ think. If, on the other hand, the customer thinks you stink, it doesn’t matter that the corporate admins think your performance is top notch.


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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One Response to Do we really need managers in our businesses ?

  1. tevirselrahc says:

    Perhaps it could be because your former boss did such a great job training you all and put in place the correct governance so that you no longer require oversight!
    And yes, there should only be on real “boss” for any company, as you state, although I suspect the company’s investors would tend to disagree… 😦

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