Graphics programming with Python


For reasons unknown to me, probably psychological, I’ve always hated graphics programming…. Never touched it, if I could avoid it… 

Over the past 40 years that I’ve been programming,professionally as well as privately,  most of the time making ‘the pedal hitting the metal’, or ‘the led to flash’,  in the world of embedded realtime software, some of the time doing pretty advanced stuff, like software sitting in a fighter jet,  I’ve always regarded GUI programming as totally non-interesting, something for the ‘softies’ of software development,  like the web developers, PHP or HTTP hackers, or database administrators, or Excel & Powerpoint hackers…. 

Every graphics library I’ve looked into before just made me wanna puke, for the sheer complexity of the library: typically, in order to get even a midget speck of color to appear on the screen, you’d have to read 1000 pages, and then type 100’s of lines of code you’d not understand… To get a splash of color appearing on your screen…. 

My gut feeling has always been that it shouldn’t be that hard to make simple graphical objects appear on the screen…. In positions you want, with sizes you want….  

Not so anymore: Thanks to Professor John M Zelle, and his Graphics library for Python, even those of us who hate the nitty gritty detail of graphics programming can produce pretty awsome graphical applications. 

The grid above, simple as it is,  took me just 5 mins of thinking and programming, without ever before having had a look at Zelle’s Graphics library.  

A great example of good abstractions! 

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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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