Segregation – technical details

Just a few details to the more technically inclined readers of this blog:

The image below has three sections:

the leftmost showing the results in terms of where the agents prefer to be, the middle image showing a heatmap over where the ‘action’, i.e. where most agents have left for finding a better place to live, and the rightmost image showing how many agents still are unhappy:



As can be seen from the middle graph, the most intense action to get away from one’s neighborhood occurs in the border area, i.e. the area where an agent is surrounded by non-peers. 

Also, from the right hand graph, it’s easy to see that the ‘unhappy’ agents are those who are living on the boarder to the ‘enemy’, i.e. those who have an opposing view. 

Perhaps our politicians should have a look at Thomas Shelling’s theories…. 

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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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