World’s First International Finest Fart Competition – Finalists

My inbox has been flooded by entries to the competition I announced yesterday on this blog…. 🙂

Inspired by my friend the Wine & Champagne Expert, I decided to do a ‘blind tasting’ -like evaluation of the best fart entries – in the attached video, I’ve selected  four anonymous (‘blind’) farts, complete with sound and graphs over amplitude and frequency spectrum.

The task for you, dear reader, should you decide to accept this challenge, is in the spirit of blind tasting of great wines, to vote for the best fart of the four competition entries.

Instructions on how to participate are given in the video.


[ On the slightly more serious side: it’s always been my experience that to learn something new, whether it’s a new (natural) language, a programming language, a mathematical theorem or whatever, you will progress vastly faster if you experiment with the new ‘thing’ in a context familar to you. So, for instance, if you’d like to learn French, nothing beats doing so in France, or some other french speaking nation, or for someone without previous experience of e.g. signal processing – the perhaps canonical domain for FFT’s – it might be significantly easier understanding what a FFT can do, and to understand what the spectrum analysis means, in a context that we all – yes, even you! –  are familiar with, that is, farting… 🙂 ]


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