Signal processing with Python


So, after having done some Fast Fourier Transforms on small scale, on small, sparse datasets,  it was time to test something more substantial, an mp3 audiofile.

First I thought I’d build an mp3 parser, but then my pal Micke pointed me to Wavosaur, a very cool freeware app for audio processing, that’s also capable of exporting audio data to various formats. So I downloaded Wavosaur, opened an mp3- file containing beautiful music generated by the BRM-16 engine (if you don’t get excited when you hear that engine, you should not drive a car!), and exported it in a format my FFT-program could consume.

In the graph above, the left side is the output from my program, the right hand side shows the same mp3-file in Wavosaur. A remarkable resemblance…! 🙂 The lower part of my program display shows the transformation from the time domain to the frequency domain.


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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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