Who has most influence within your network…?


Whether you are a leader, manager, coach, politician or dreaded marketeer, you would want to know who or which persons are the most influencial within your network, regardless of that network being a social or professional one.

I just analyzed my own twitter network, consisting of some 40000 nodes, obtained by transitive traversal from those I follow to a certain degree of distance,  and the graph above shows the filtered result, where I’ve selected the top handful of influencers from those 40000 nodes:  turns out that Guardian and New York Times are most influencial in my Twitter network, followed by the hashtags #NSA and #svpol.

Influence here is defined as Eigenvector Centrality, a metric (on which Google Pagerank is based), where connections to high scoring nodes contribute more to the metric.

(PS: I’m normally careful not publishing anything about private persons on my blogs for privacy reasons, but the persons listed in the graph above are all well known public figures, journalists, politicians etc, all very active in the public debate, so I thought they will not mind being exposed as influencial people in my network…)


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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