Social Network analysis of Carl Bildt’s – Swedish Foreign Minister – Twitter activities


As I’ve posted before, the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is very active on social media since long time (cudos, Carl!), as well as a proponent of close cooperation with foreign (read NATO + Israeli) security and intelligence services. Furthermore, Carl has been very active in the privacy and surveillance debate, particularly after the Snowden revellations, defending the needs of NSA,GCHQ and FRA etc.

So, I thought it might be interesting to analyze Carl’s Twitter activities, who’s he talking to, what’s his interests. After all, this is the type of analysis the mass surveillance folks of NSA, GCHQ, FRA etc spend their days doing on ordinary people… Of course, I’d much rather analyze his phone calls,  email, chats and search history etc, but unfortunately I, asop to the NSA, don’t have access to those data… 🙂

So, I traversed Carl’s recent twitter contacts and activities, and created a the graph above, where Carl sits in the middle, and each ring outside of him represents those nodes that are within 1, 2, 3 etc degrees from Carl.  In everyday terms, the one’s in the first ring are Carl’s “friends” and interests, the second ring represents friends-of-friends and “intrerests-of-friends” etc.

If I’m correctly informed, NSA and their pals follow the links for a “target” to the third degree, that is, if the mass surveillance guys have their interest triggered by somebody, they check not only him/her, but also his friends (1st degress), the friends of those friends (2 degree) and the friends-of-the-friends-of-the-friends, i.e. the third degree. And if they find anything suspicious, the target will most likely experince real “third degree” in some exotic place like Guantanamo, but that’s a different discussion..

Anyway, I did a quick browse thru my data, up to and including Carl’s 3d degree contacts, and here are a few that might be considered as suspicious, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the FM of Sweden… 😉

  • Anonymous – for sure, Carl is very active with IT-technology, but has he now joined the Black Hat’s or the White Hat’s…?
  • KimDotCom – file sharing…?
  • Maria Ferm, Miljöpartiet/The Green Party  – is this a sign of a new coalition for the 2014 elections…?
  • Lars Ohly, Kommunisterna/The communist party – wow, that’s scary, Carl cooperating with the communists…?! Are his NATO friends aware…?
  • #Schizophrenia – is Carl ill…?
  • #sexualundervisning/sex education – did you miss that part way back in school…?
  • gotiska klubben – no idea what these guys are about, but it does sound suspect…

Obviously, all the above is nonsense and irony, but still, the “big data” is there: it is true that Carl has these contacts within 3 degrees in his network. And if the NSA and their pals are doing similar searches, of course they are going to find stuff looking suspicious for anyone and everyone…


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