Large organisations and their introvert focus

isn’t it quite fascinating, that the chain of command in large organisations of today  is so totally inverted when it comes to knowledge and  understanding  of customers and their needs…?  It appears to me that the higher up you are in the corporate hierarchy today, the less you know or understand about your customers, their situation, their domain, their needs, and their complaints.

It seems to me that today, to be a VP or some other level of “executive” in a large organisation, you have to focus your energy and efforts on “internals” asop to “externals”, i.e. understanding your customer – as an executive, you today have to spend your energy on internal KPI’s, not on how to make your customer successful, or on how to provide value to your customer.

Basically, your responsibility today, as an executive, is all about making the quarterly numbers, regardless of whether your efforts providesany value to your customer or not. In other words, we have all become “used car sales men”, focusing on luring the customer to buy whatever crap we might have on our shelfs, to make our quarterly numbers.

That mindset is very far away from the paradigm of when I started in this business 20+ years ago, when the mantra was “do whatever it takes to make your customer successful!”

Focus on shareholder value seems to rule our world today….


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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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One Response to Large organisations and their introvert focus

  1. tevirselrahc says:

    Maybe you need to work in a company without executives? 😉

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