Further exploration into social networks


A bit further experimentation with Gephi, the open source network visualization platform.

Again, the image above depicts one of my social networks (same as in this previous post), but this time, I’ve partitioned the graph wrt. the language settings (“locale”) for each node, i.e. the preferred browser language for each of my contacts within the network. The partition is illustrated by the color of the nodes, yellow indicating the local (Swedish) language, blue indicating English.

Based on these bits of information, can you deduce with of the two clusters is my “social/private” sub-network, and which is my “professional” sub-network…?

Oh, btw, did I mention that I’m impressed, very impressed,  by this piece of software, Gephi…? It’s simply amazing that open source software most of the time has functionality, ease-of-use and quality-of-service that way exceeds that of most commercial software…!

I wonder why (actually: I don’t – just think shareholder value…) but this amazing fact that the open source folks are able to provide top notch quality software for free, while many commercial providers of software struggle with the quality of their expensive, sometimes very expensive,  products is a topic of it’s own, to which I might return at some point…


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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