Social Network Analysis by visualization


Spent a few hours for fun playing a bit with Gephi, a graphical visualization platform, to examine one of my “social networks”.

Just amazing how much info about a network can be gained by visualization, e.g. in the graph above, it’s immediately visible that my network consists of two major clusters, with a very limited set of hubs connecting the two clusters. Furthermore, both clusters have their own, smaller “satellite” clusters.

The size and coloring of the nodes indicate the number of connections within the network of that node.

What use in the business context would this type of analysis have, you might ask…?  Well, if you are a marketeer/sales guy/lobbyist/politician/conspiracy theorist etc, and  you want to persuade my network to do something, e.g. to buy yet another totally unneccessary thing, or to accept whatever crazy (or not so crazy)  idea,  to get most bang for your limited persuation buck, you might want to focus on and start with  the hub-nodes and the big nodes; these have the best “communication channels” within the network,  and thus likely the largest influence withn my network.


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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