Towards lawless land…

Heading towards lawless land of airports and borders in the wild west tomorrow…:

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been pretty vocal about the #Snowden #surveillance #NSA #GCHQ #privacy #policeStatedebacle for some time.

For two reasons:

1) I find it highly disturbing that our western, supposedly democratic governments increasingly and behind the scenes and public scrutiny grant themselves the legal (but immoral) right to snoop into the privacy of their citizens.

2) by being very vocal, I’m also conducting an experiment, aiming at investigating whether these authorities in fact *are* snooping on me: I’ve been to the US at least 50 times over the past 25 years, probably many more, and never had any hazzle. If I now, on this upcoming trip, get detained or questioned or otherwise harassed, it’s pretty clear why, and thus, my experiment will have a clear and unambiguous answer… PS: if you havent heard from me by lunchtime, CET, on Monday, it might be time to get in touch with the SWE foreign department, as well as with media… I recommend Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian and Peter Wolodarski of DN to start with….

Edit: a FB friend commented on my post (I’ve done some minor editing to protect the innocent):

Well. Depending on your privacy settings, I’m not sure being aware of somebody’s musings on FB constitutes snooping as much as listening to a phone call would. Just curious, will a smooth ride through us customs and immigration constitute evidence refuting your suspicions or will it mean you need to increase the visibility of your activity?

My reply:

Excellent points! I guess a more correct description of my experiment would be to call it “is it permissible to criticize (in private as well as in public) immoral government policies without being harrassed in the “lawless” zone of airports, ports and borders, because of that critique… ?


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