Corporate mail spam, or “why Reply All” should have an interlock

Someone just accidentally happened to send an email to an internal corporate mailing list, with a far broader membership (global!) than was intended. That’s not such a big deal, manure sometimes tends to hit the fan… no real harm done, yet…


It took only a minute before the reply-all’s with “please delete me from this thread!” started to arrive en masse – of course also sent with reply-all…! and a few seconds later the good folks started to reply-all on the reply-all’s…..!  🙂 The result…? Massive internal email spamming…! 🙂

Now my mailbox is quickly exceeding its limits (yes, where I work disk space is still at a premium, a scarce resource carefully managed by the corporate bean counters, that you have to beg and bend over to the forementioned counters to get even a modest incremental increase, and you have to provide a sound business case for any chance of approval…! 🙂

Anyway, what’s so comic about the situation is that every well intending sender wanting the spam to stop actually contributes to the exponential increase of the spam by just clicking the reply-all-button…! 🙂

There’s only one email among the by now hundreds in the thread who actually took the time to change the subject line to something like “STOP THIS NOW!”, but apparently to no avail….! 🙂 The reply-all’s keep coming….

So, a simple mistake of sending a single message to a much wider audience than intended, quickly multiplies to a veritable spam storm…

Intelligence seems to be an equally rare thing as disk space in large organisations…! 🙂


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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