High IQ is about ability to filter out noise from the signal

Brand new research by Dr. Duje Tadin, of University of Rochester, has found a remarkable correlation between intelligence – as least of the type that can be measured by traditional IQ tests – and the ability to filter out noise (irrelevant data) from the signal.

Now, as we all – except perhaps the “Big Data” sales guys – know, correlation does not necessarily imply causalisation, but nevertheless, I find Dr. Tadin’s findings quite interesting, not least in the area of “situational awareness” which is an absolutely fundamental characteristic for professions such as pilots (civilian and military), bus drivers, many athletes etc, where your ability to quickly form an as accurate as possible picture of the situation at hand, and instantly take appropriate action,  is key for your performance.

Excellent pilots, as well as excellent hockey players, fotballers, sailors, or for that matter, great bus drivers all excel in situational awareness, and thus, according to Dr. Tadin’s findings, are highly intelligent.  QED.



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High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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