When buzz-words reach mainstreet…


You know that a  word has become a commodity when  even “traditional” businesses start using them…!  🙂

Yesterday I saw a garbage truck from Stena, carrying the logo “Innovative Recycling” in bold text. So now it’s safe to say that the word “Innovation” has reached mainstream.

Another area where all companies want to show off by displaying buzz words, is being “environmentally friendly“. That’s an excellent ambition, but I’m not sure every organization making claims about their high level of environmental standards have really looked into the physics of energy, e.g. the laws of thermodynamics… If they had, they would hopefully not make claims such as this DHL truck, where the text on the side (in Swedish) says “this car runs on renewable fuel”…. Renewable fuel is an oxymoron, as good as they will ever come…!


Agile” and “Lean” are of course also already in the mainstream – it would be suicide for most businesses (as well as individual professionals!) not to claim being both agile and lean.

For a number of years ago, other buzz words were in vogue – anyone still seeing tag lines claiming some ISO-certification…? It appears that the competitive advantage of the various ISO-standards has diminished lately, in favor for new buzz words.

We do indeed live in Grandiose times, where image matters more than facts, and a fancy title is vital. Therefore, I’ve just changed my own title to the very impressive sounding “Supreme Head of Innovation & Technology”, abreviated S.H.I.T”. 🙂


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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One Response to When buzz-words reach mainstreet…

  1. Maria Ericsson says:

    … another criteria is to feel an urge to apologize when you use those words …

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