The three killer questions to be answered for your business strategy to be successful

A friend of mine sent me this blog post, “it’s not what you sell, it’s what you believe” which appeared in Harvard Business Review a few days ago.

The spirit of the article is very much in line with my own thinking, and I also see a clear connection between this article and the ideas expressed by Simon Sinek in his “Start with Why” presentation and book with the same name.

In particular, being able to answer the three questions at the end of the article is IMO essential for any successful business strategy and a real competitive edge in any business:

* What do you promise that nobody else in your industry can promise ? 

* What do you deliver that nobody else can deliver ? 

* What do you believe that only you believe ? 

If everyone in your organization is able to answer those questions consistently, your organization and its employees are facing a very bright future. If not, you will have some serious challenges in front of you, sooner than later.


About swdevperestroika

High tech industry veteran, avid hacker reluctantly transformed to mgmt consultant.
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